Serious Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Over the course of our attorneys’ professional careers, we have represented both corporate clients as well as victims and their families, in defending and civilly prosecuting cases involving some of the worst imaginable catastrophic injuries and deaths including brain damage, quadriplegia and other forms of paralyzation, severe burns from contact with caustic chemicals, explosions and fire, de-gloving injuries, permanent loss of a bodily system and long-term diseases related to industrial exposure, to name just a few. We have successfully litigated lithium battery explosion cases and have extensive industry knowledge and immediate access to a network of leading professionals on the cutting edge of technology, including in the area of automobile batteries used in electric vehicles. Such cases typically fall under the applicable federal and/or state laws and standards of product liability, professional liability, (medical and otherwise), negligence and gross negligence. In such cases, it has been our experience that the single most important element of effective representation and critical key to success is captured in the following phrase: proactive, time sensitive planning and execution. This includes promptly calling upon and retaining industry leaders and well respected consultants and expert witnesses and clear lines of communication with decision-makers. In the overwhelming majority of these cases in particular, companies finding themselves in a somewhat compromised position of having to defend such a case, their insurance carriers and the victims and/or families all want one thing: to settle the case as quickly as possible for a “reasonable amount” of money commensurate with their respective liability. The problem almost universally encountered is that because these cases are emotionally charged, there is often little or no effective communication between the parties until several months or even years have passed, significant legal fees and expenses have mounted, heels have been deeply dug in and all parties are faced with the prospect of having the case decided by a jury. In order to meaningfully represent our clients, we are keenly focused on anticipating pitfalls in communication and penetrating such communication barriers when they are present. Ultimately, if trial is necessary to resolve a dispute, our clients are confident that their position has been firmly articulated and they have made well reasoned and informed decisions in embarking on this course of action. It is our experience that the manner in which we develop cases gives us a distinct advantage when it's time to begin jury selection.