Typically, our fee structure depends upon the nature of the case or matter, its present status and expected course. Our standard practice involves hourly billing for the firm’s professionals on a monthly basis with a retainer held in our trust account, known as an IOLTA account. IOLTA stands for “Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Accounts.” Interest from IOLTA accounts is pooled to provide civil legal aid to the poor and support improvements to the justice system. At the conclusion of each billing cycle, dependent upon our client’s needs and the agreement we have , we may transfer funds from each client’s retainer balance for work performed for that client in the prior month and request that retainers be replenished or preserve the retainer amount and invoice our client for prompt payment. Matters in litigation or expected to involve litigation require a larger retainer amount than those assignments which are more task oriented or of shorter duration. Unless otherwise agreed, at the conclusion of our representation and after all fees and expenses have been satisfied in accordance with our standard billing practices, any unapplied retainer funds in our trust account are refunded to our client. 

Under very specific circumstances, this firm also offers contingent, flat fee and alternative or hybrid billing arrangements.