Focused on Successful Outcomes

When it comes to protecting your business's reputation, understanding its potential exposure, or safeguarding your family's livelihood, you can trust the Mussalli Law Firm, a Martindale-Hubbell top rated litigation firm. We will guide and help you make informed decisions in order to maximize the likelihood of achieving a desirable outcome.

Many prominent attorneys are known for their mesmerizing oral advocacy and power of persuasion skills. Although we are very proud of our ability to advocate orally and in writing for our clients, it is in the art of listening that we truly excel and get to know our clients - inside and out.  Because we have mastered how to actively listen, we know what information is most critical to our clients' cause, we know what to ask and how to best inquire.  We listen to our clients, judges, opposing counsel, adverse witnesses and of course, our jurors.

First and foremost, we readily recognize that as members of the legal profession, we are in a service industry which requires practical, solution-generating, forward thinking and efficient, time sensitive execution. Building on these basic principles, whether we're in the boardroom or the courtroom, we apply extensive legal and life experience, superior strategic planning, intense and targeted preparation, creative resourcefulness, proven advocacy skills and most importantly, the genuine interest and ability to understand what is most important to you. This, along with the communication skills, vision and judgment allow us to deliver your message most effectively.

Our Four Step Formula

  • Listen
  • Analyze
  • Plan
  • Execute



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The Mussalli Law Firm - New Offices

October 13, 2022 (updated November 02, 2022)

  • By bwyrw - The Mussalli Law Firm
Effective November 1, 2022, The Mussalli Law Firm moved our offices to 24 Waterway Avenue, Suite 830, The Woodlands.